A Storybots Christmas - Snow Globe (2017)
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The director wanted a perfect replica of the practical set inside of the snow globe.

This is a clip from the final show

Christopher barischoff cottg 001 18 x1 0001

We started with the practical set that was fabricated by Aron Bothman

Christopher barischoff cottg 001 18 x1 0020

It was rigged up with lights...

Christopher barischoff cottg 001 18 x1 0025

and shot with a sky backdrop

Christopher barischoff fullres workshop

After taking a lot of photos of the set, we created this photogrammetry scan of the practical set.

However, the geometry was just too dense to really work with on our humble hardware (we made this whole show on iMacs)

Christopher barischoff workshop wireframe v001

Using Mudbox, I reduced the mesh down, and baked the detail into a displacement map.

Christopher barischoff workshop test v001

So now it's light weight, but renders at full fidelity.

Christopher barischoff snowglobe 002

I then sculpted some new snow that complemented the snow globe asset (which was modeled by Kendall Nelson). The scan fits very nicely!

Christopher barischoff snowglobe

It looks good! At least from the correct angles... movie magic and all.

Christopher barischoff snowglobe 001

and considering the scale of the snow globe (it's like a miniature of a miniature of a miniature!), reducing the geometry was a great idea.

Thanks for looking.

One of the first tasks I took on at JibJab/Storybots, Inc. was to replicate a practical set from the show inside of a snowglobe. Our humble studio is not used to doing complex CG techniques (afterall, we do everything here, and CG is just a small part of it). Instead of spending lots of time modeling this set in 3D, I decided to take a photogrammetry approach.
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